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Revolutionary and creative

We are all part of the biggest technological revolution that is changing forever how we look at entrepreneurship and the digital landscape. We form an active part of this change by investing in ideas that disrupt the current status quo and nurture these into sustainable businesses through knowledge sharing and mentoring.

A solid market opportunity, rapid scalability, and a light infrastructure need form the pillars of our approach to investment.

Start ups

We partner with entrepreneurs and visionaries to realise a different future through innovative ideas within the digital-tech space. Our expertise in successfully growing multiple start ups can help you launch your idea and gain a foothold in the market.

Alternative investments

Our curious minds and eye for unexplored market opportunities have brought us into the sphere of alternative investments, where we primarily focus on trading fine art and are always keen to connect with fellow collectors.

Established companies

Even if you are past that fledgling stage of realising your business idea, we also invest in young companies looking to grow and can support these with our extensive experience in launching new products and markets, business pivots, or even re-branding.



We help early stage tech founders developing business models and solutions targeted at retail and B2B.

Primary investment industries:

  • Fashion-tech
  • Marketing-tech
  • Fin-tech
  • Fine art
  • AI
  • Blockchain


Our investees ideally match these criteria:

  • Max valuation: ¬£5 million
  • A-cyclical business
  • Unique technology or solution
  • Scalable and not capital intensive
  • First product available and post-revenues¬†
  • Open to a partnership model

Next Steps...

If you think there could be a match between your idea or business and us, contact us and we are happy to have a chat with you about it.