No stress. Just business.

We are not consultants.
We are business partners.

While you focus on what really matters for the success of your start up we support you with a robust financial and go-to-market strategy. With these tools in your toolbox you can keep your focus on the vision you want to deliver.

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Finance and economics

We can help you steer through the maze of excel formulas and the jungle of market reports to build a robust and reliable financial framework for your business.

Key areas of support:

Financial projections and planning
In-depth assessment of macroeconomic conditions and trends impacting your business
Capital budgeting and strategic resource allocation
Market research

Strategy and business development

Let us help you find your unique spot in the market and maximise your competitive advantage with a solid business growth strategy and a clear go-to-market plan.

Key areas of support:

Go-to-market strategy
Business assessment and development
Marketing &  Pricing strategy
Market and competitive analysis
Product development

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Strong goal orientation

Let the numbers speak.

All actions and recommendations we make are firmly grounded in a targeted vision, with concrete KPIs and milestones to track performance as we progress to success.

An awarded and experienced team

We are proud to say that our leadership team has a collection of academic and commercial publications under their belt and comes from the top management of FTSE 100 companies and are happy to share their expertise and passion to help you achieve success.

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What's next?

If you are looking for business support or need to solve a new business challenge have a chat with us to find the right solution. Our team is ready to help you.