What we do?

We partner with entrepreneurs who are creating disruptive solutions for established industries and imagine a different future.
When we launched Future Flow in 2016 we started as an investment firm specialising in digital-tech start ups. Driven by our passion for innovation and new business ideas we soon realised that to magnify the success of our investments we could support the start up with our experience and expertise, via partnering and mentoring. By early 2019 we decided to extend our support as a standalone consulting service for entrepreneurs, start ups and young companies in search of growth.


You speak. We listen. Together we build success. 

We approach each business case collaboratively as your business partner to achieve success together. By working closely with you, we optimise our solution to the unique facets of your business and ensure target alignment even under changing conditions.

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Success and ROI

Our curiosity serves as the motivational driver to scout the most promising projects in the digital-tech and alternative investments spheres.
We support entrepreneurs and innovative ideas through our pioneering investment strategy.

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Leveraging our experience and expertise to grow investments

Over 10 years of digital marketing and finance experience, including senior management positions at FTSE 100 companies, central banks, and multiple successful start ups, brought us to challenge the market with a new concept:

Investments targeted at disruptive digital-tech solutions with rapid scalability exploiting a solid market opportunity - a vision for a new future.

Combining our visionary ideals with a critical numerical view, we are able to identify growth catalysts to springboard innovative ideas into flourishing businesses. 

Following the success of our approach to partner with and mentor our investees, we have now further opened up the consulting arm into a standalone service, supporting start ups and young enterprises within business strategy and development, as well as financial planning and market research.


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